1999 – Semester 02
Andy Wharhol Polaroids and Portraits

Enigmatic Andy Warhol claimed he had “no real point to make” in producing art. 

Yet, his silkscreens,
sculptures, paintings, and photographs reveal the artist’s profound interest in the way art intersected with
fields like advertising, fashion, film, mass culture, and underground music. In his experimentations with
photography and portraiture, 

 Warhol was fascinated with representations of both the individual and the masses and used the Polaroid portrait to illustrate the fine lines between art and popular culture, celebrity and anonymity. Andy Warhol – Photography is the first book publication that pays tribute to the entire context of Andy Warhol’s extensive photographic oeuvre. Andy Warhol stood both in front of and behind the camera lens. The camera was his constant companion, serving him as a sketchbook, a diary, and a means of communication.”–BOOK JACKET. “Accompanying the extensive plate sections are essays by renowned art historians and interviews with personalities from Andy Warhol’s world. A final section of the book is dedicated to Andy Warhol and the Factory as seen by other photographers like Duane Michals, Richard Avedon, Cecil Beaton, Robert Mapplethorpe, Oliviero Toscani, a.o.