OpenArt 2021


Jun. 11, 2021, 12:00 am

Stångjärnsgatan 6, Örebro, Sweden

Open Call for OPENART 2021
Open February 3 – March 30 2020

OPENART is a contemporary public art biennial taking place for three summer months in Örebro, Sweden. The city center is temporarily transformed into a huge outdoor art arena creating unconventional encounters between the art and the audience. Participating artists are working outside the traditional frames with an opportunity to work big, outdoors and temporary. The exhibition invites a broad and curious audience to experience the art without an admission fee and regardless if they are acquainted with art or not.

We are searching for visual artists in all disciplines to apply with artworks that can be placed in the public space. We want a diversity of artworks that can challenge or transform the city with
different conformations and concepts. The artist can apply with ideas to develop or already existing artworks.

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Phone:  +46 (0) 1921 4894

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